The International Week of Happiness at Work is celebrated in…


The Netherlands:

The week starts with a kick off for employers on how to create an organizational culture where employees can flourish. Inspiring speakers, best practices and sharing ideas on September 24.

In the afternoon of September 24 we will organize the first-ever Unconference about Happiness at Work, on the topic on how to make a change to make Happiness at work a toppriority. The rest of the week is filled with company visits, workshops, meet-ups, inspirational sessions, drinks and more fun. More info: (in Dutch)



What makes us happy at work? And how to improve Happiness levels with the 4 P’s of Happiness at Work. Find out more on the workshop on H@W in Bangalore, India here, soon.


‘Happiness is serious business,’ says Martín Leroy. Want to know more? Go visit his Workshops & Inspirational sessions on different locations in Buenos Aires, by Martín Leroy, Grupo Aukera. Check it out on the website!



During the International Week of Happiness (24-28 September 2018), Coffee Wagera in Karachi will be organizing talks and activities related to Happiness at Work. Mush Panjwani  the founder of Coffee Wagera is a certified Happiness at Work trainer from Woohoo Academy Denmark, a motivational speaker and an author. If you are in Karachi, follow them on Facebook for details.



Workshops? Inspirational sessions? We do not know yet, but more info will follow soon


United Kingdom

Measuring happiness is important. Want to know how this works? Check here for more info soon.


Czech Republic

The Third Annual Conference on Happiness at Work in Prague was a huge success. Happy Hotels, Happy business, happiness is an issue. More on what to expect during the International Week of Happiness at Work soon on this website.



The best Waffles in the world, famous beer, Vlaamse frieten, wouldn’t that make you happy? No, it wouldn’t. Well, for the moment it would… maybe. But in Belgium, they do know how to improve Happiness at Work. Take a look  at (in Dutch) or  (au francais)



In Hong-Kong, TGI Monday! is already committed to partner with employees and companies to make their worklife and workplace happier. On this special week, they will encourage their clients to testify about their initiatives and have their doors open to inspire those starting their happiness at work journey. Keep connected to get more information soon on


Saudi Arabia

More info will follow soon



More info will follow soon



More info will follow soon



Masterclass Passport Happiness at Work in the Spanish Pyrenees. A full three day program (trainers in Dutch), 23 – 26 September, more info



More info will follow soon



More info will follow soon



More info will follow soon



More info will follow soon



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Find out more! Very soon here…



A Portugese company plans to do Random Acts of Kindness during the International Week of Happiness at Work. They want to keep it private, so we will not share all the details with you and spoil the surprise! But we hope to hear from them afterwards…



Find out more! Very soon here…


And more….